VMC - The Vending Machine Company in Washington DC, serving DC, Maryland and Virginia,
provides offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and other locations with snacks, cold beverages, healthy food and coffee

Vending Machines Washington DC

VMC - The Vending Machine Company in Washington DC offers comprehensive vending services including delicious snacks, healthy foods and refreshing beverages from its vending machines throughout Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Our Washington DC vending technicians service our vending machines in your facilities on a regular basis to ensure the vending machines are filled, working and clean.

Operating several vending service centers throughout Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, we address vending service calls quickly and efficiently. Our vending team is ready to serve your office, hotel, school, car dealership or healthcare facility refreshment needs anytime - day or night - weekend or holiday. Our professionally trained vending company service providers from VMC - The Vending Machine Company in Washington DC are just a telephone call or email away.

In the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia metro area, VMC provides snack vending machines, candy vending machines, healthy vending machines, soda vending machines, pepsi vending machines, coca cola vending machines, food vending machines, frozen food vending machines, ice cream vending machines and coffee vending machines throughout the Washington DC area including: Northern Virginia, Arlington County Virginia, Fairfax County Virginia, Loudon County Virginia, Montgomery County Maryland, Prince Georges County Maryland and Baltimore County Maryland.

Vending for Schools, Corporations and Organizations in Washington DC

Serving business, industry, education, government and healthcare clients throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area, VMC - The Vending Machine Company in Washington DC, provides vending machines, vending services and vending food and beverage products throughout Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Utilizing advanced vending technology, superior vending machine training, and unmatched vending experience in Washington DC, our top priority is to provide comprehensive refreshment services for your students, employees and guests at your Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia schools, businesses or hotels.

Equipped with the latest guaranteed product delivery systems, our state-of-the-art vending machines throughout Washington DC Maryland Virginia utilize infrared technology to detect whether a customer's product selection has been dispensed. This unique feature guarantees that our customers either receive the product they selected, or our vending machine automatically returns our customer's money.

Washington DC Vending

Why are we the most unique vending service company in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia? One word: PROFESSIONALISM. Our professionalism in the vending industry throughout the Washington DC area sets us apart. VMC - The Vending Machine Company in Washington DC, is one of the fastest growing vending companies in the nation because we are a team dedicated to superior customer service and the health of your students, employees and guests. Our sincere dedication to our vending customers sets us apart from our vending competitors in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.

Our vending machines located in Washington DC allow our clients to cost-effectively and conveniently refresh their students, employees and guests. Our clients depend on us for prompt, organized and efficient vending machine servicing, vending machine repairs, and vending machine maintenance.

Call us today and let us show you why we are the fastest growing independently owned vending company with vending machines throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

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  1. We are professional.
  2. We are honest.
  3. Our integrity is everything to us.
  4. Service is the cornerstone of our business.
  5. We serve small, medium and large sized client organizations.
  6. We respect our clients and our employees equally.
  7. Our clients love us and we love our clients.
  8. Our vending technology is the most advanced in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.
  9. Our vending machines are cleaned, filled and maintained regularly for optimal performance.
  10. Our people are the best and brightest in the vending industry in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.
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